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How Do Article Submissions Give Your Website Pulling Power?

  • You get one-way, permanent backlinks to your site (no reciprocal link required!) thereby supplementing your SEO efforts.
  • By exposing your site to an online place where people GO to for information, you drive qualified traffic to your site.
  • Submitting SEO articles to article directories is one of the fastest ways you can establish your authority in your niche, and let people know about the existence of your online business.

Here’s What You Get When You Commission ECS to Do Your Article Submission for You

A trained staff member will be dedicated to your project. As our staff is composed of people knowledgeable in SEO rest assured that we know how to tweak meta tag data (Titles, Descriptions, Keywords, Tags) so that your article submissions differ a bit from each other.

We will tweak your article so that the right keywords or keyphrases are linking back to your site.

We will ensure that your content is submitted to the right category so it’s not rejected by article directories.

We will manually edit ANY article flagged by any online directory as having problems. Article directories have their own little quirks. If any of your articles are flagged, we will edit them. (However, if we did not write the article and the error pertains to excessive content problems, we will pass on the information to you and even advise how to solve it!)

Lastly, we will use the right keywords in the Author Resource box of your article for maximum SEO mojo!


YES! I Want to Give My Website Pulling Power by Submitting My SEO Articles to Online Directories!

10 Article Submissions $ 1.75 $ 17.50 $ 00.00  
25 Article Submissions $ 1.5 $ 37.50 $ 06.25  
50 Article Submissions $ 1.25 $ 62.50 $ 25.00  
100 Article Submissions $ 1 $ 100.00 $ 75.00  
  • All packages involve MANUAL submissions.
  • All packages come with a detailed Article Submissions Report. Data displayed will be article title, article directory used, its Google page rank, and date of bookmarking.
  • Packages are based on SUBMISSION OCCURRENCE. For instance, if you have only ONE (1) article and need to submit that to 10 article directories, that’s Package 1 – 10 Article Submissions. On the other hand, if you have 25 articles and want that submitted to only one (1) online directory (e.g., ArticleMarketer.com), that’s Package 2 – 25 Article Submissions.
  • Package rates do not include subscription to any article directory (if applicable).
  • WHERE will you article be submitted? We have an article directory list of over 400 sites you can choose from! However, you don’t need to submit to all of these. Most clients just tend to focus on just the Top 10 or Top 25 of these sites and we’re more than glad to the same for you.

“You Get What You Pay For” Quality Guarantee!

ECSE-Content Solutions has been in business since 2004.

And through the years, clients keep coming back to us because they KNOW we understand the importance of getting traffic to one’s online business. Sure, other providers may provide article submission services at a fraction of our rates and for that… you’ll also get a fraction of your desired online results.


What Happens After You Order…

IMMEDIATELY after you place your order, you will receive an email containing login information to our exclusive CLIENT-ONLY area.

Once logged in, you can specify the details of your article submission order including, the articles to be submitted, keywords to use (if any), and others.

After you specify the details and log out, you will receive an email indicating when you will receive your order. Don’t worry. We’ll be in constant communication with you to ensure your order is processed in accordance with your wishes and online goals!

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