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Here’s What You Get When You Order Blog Posts from ECS

  • Original, unique blog posts written exclusively for your particular blog niche.
  • Blog posts written in easy-to-understand and grammatically correct American English.
  • Blog postings that have catchy headlines and subheadings to engage readers.
  • Blog posts that are formatted specifically for online reading.
  • If you wish… the blogs posts will be optimized for a specific niche’s main keywords. Keywords used in each post are based on keywords provided by Google’s Keyword Tool.
  • Are you missing out on massive traffic mojo? If you give as direct access to your blog (Author or Contributor) then we’ll fill out the meta data for the blog posts for you. These fields are great for search engine optimization!
  • Is your blog ‘likeable’? You see, most people nowadays set up blogs but then publish posts that are ‘stiff’ or ‘impersonal’. Don’t forget that blogs started out as online diaries and people today are still drawn to blogs that look like a REAL PERSON is behind them. As such, you can expect ECS blog posts to be written in a personal (yet authoritative) tone. Further, we will make your blog lively by posting not just articles with thumbnail images, but videos, commentaries (rants?), and what have you!

YES! I Want to Give My Blog Pulling Power! I Want Professionally Composed Blog Posts that Would Make Loyalists Out of Site Visitors AND Attract Search Engines!

Bi-Weekly Posting (2x/mo) $ 20 $ 40 $ 0  
Weekly Posting (4x/mo) $ 17.5 $ 70 $ 10  
T-Th Posting (8x/mo) $ 15 $ 120 $ 40  
M-W-F Posting (12x/mo) $ 12.5 $ 150.00 $ 90  
Daily Posting (22x/mo) $ 10 $ 220 $ 220  
  • Posting packages are based on MONTHLY orders.
  • Blog posts will be between 250-500 words.
  • All content provided by ECS is run via our Copyscape Premium account prior delivery to clients. You get nothing but 100% unique, manually written blog posts.
  • We accept adult and gambling topics. However, due to their ‘sensitive nature’, we have different rates for them. Do Contact Us to tell us what you need for a quote.
  • ECS works on a first come, first served basis. We give each client the attention they deserve so depending on current in-house workloads and your particular order, start of blog posting orders may take anywhere from 3 to 15 business days. Once an order is placed, we will notify you IMMEDIATELY when we can start posting on your blog.

“You Get What You Pay For” Quality Guarantee!

ECSE-Content Solutions has been in business since 2004.

And through the years, clients keep coming back to us because they KNOW they get quality content that truly serves their online business. Sure, other providers may give you content at a fraction of our rates and for that… you’ll also get a fraction of your desired online results.


What Happens After You Order…

IMMEDIATELY after you place your order, you will receive an email containing login information to our exclusive CLIENT-ONLY area.

Once logged in, you can specify the details of your blog posting order including blog URL, blog topic, keywords to use (if any), specific topics you want covered (if any), and others. You can also just mention the blog URL and leave everything else to us!

After you specify the details and log out, you will receive an email indicating when we’ll start posting. Don’t worry. We’ll be in constant communication with you to ensure your order is processed in accordance with your wishes and online goals!

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